The Journey Begins

Founded by Claire and Gemma; two mums with big ambitions and a love for all things quirky, handmade and unique.

After forging a strong friendship from their work in the wedding industry Claire and Gemma were determined to build a successful business together that balanced their love for all things creative with their growing babies.

Totally on the same page, the idea, the business name and the wheels were all set into motion after a phone call while the bubs were off having mid-morning naps!

Both loving motherhood and juggling a business, these are two honest, fun loving mums that are looking to share their experience of ‘real’ parenting with the world!


“I’ve always been the sort of person to be in full control of my life. Being a wedding planner, ‘schedules’, ‘on-time’, ‘organised’, ‘tidy’ are key words in my day to day living. I truly believed that my life once I had a baby wouldn’t be far from that. I thought I could remain in control and dictate my days to fall around mum coffee mornings. But the realism of motherhood didn’t match up and I’m still adjusting to the ‘messy roller-coaster’ I now call motherhood!

The more time I spent at home with Austin the more I realised I wanted to make my dream of juggling an amazing business with the flexibility of being with my boy. Gemma was in a very similar position and we constantly spoke of finding the dream gap in the market. And then, one morning, we struck gold with the amazing concept of The Artisan Baby Co.

Gemma is the perfect business partner as she pulls my highly-strung personality back down to Earth. Her creativity and vision of what our company could become is inspiring and allows me to use my business skills (and an outlet for all that organisation I’ve been missing in my life) to make her visions come true.

The Artisan Baby Co. is going to be something special. With the love and dedication Gemma and I have to make this work, I sometimes can’t sleep with the excitement of what this business could be nurtured into. We hope our love for this project shines through and if you decide to work with us you feel as though you’re one of The Artisan Baby Co.’s family. Because that’s what we’re all about… ‘family’.”


“When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified, something I had wanted for so long was now in my grasp. I wouldn’t say I am naturally maternal, I love my Devon but the idea of walking into a crazy loud playgroup still fills me with dread. I felt a little disillusioned from a lot of the websites and baby shows I looked at, being put off by the bright colours, dumbed down text and mushiness (if that’s a word). I do adopt a squeaky voice when I speak to Devon but I didn’t want the articles I was reading to reflect that squeaky voice. As a mum it is important to keep my identity and still maintain the ambition I have always held dear, when faced with a return to work I couldn’t quite make all the pieces fit. Claire and I are both successful in the small wedding businesses we run and after an early morning phone call discussing the gap in the market we saw in the baby world, The Artisan Baby Co. was born.

Claire and I make the perfect team, my brain when not full of fuzz is packed full of ideas and creative thoughts, she streamlines my crazy ramblings, gets to the point with an email and isn’t afraid to say it how it is.  I love her boldness, can do attitude and ability to get a job done.

What is The Artisan Baby Co. to me? … a supportive, nurturing environment mixed with a little escapism. What makes it so special is the love Claire and I have put into it in its short life so far. We have had many different experiences through our pregnancy and parenting journeys and we approach them in different ways. This plus our determination to be strong working mums makes The Artisan Baby Co. a liberating environment for other like minded parents.”

With Austin and Devon being the reason this venture began, we decided to mark the journey with a gorgeous photoshoot.

Thank you to the amazing Ferri Photography who captured the start of our journey for us so beautifully!

Luckily she didn’t capture the ‘behind the scenes’… meltdowns (Austin and then Claire!), snack breaks and outfit changes mid-dining room (that one was Gemma!). But… I’m sure you can all imagine the chaos!

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