Author: Claire

Dan and I have always loved to host parties and love a good excuse to bring all our friends together. When we fell pregnant, we quickly realised that the chance to throw big parties with copious amounts of alcohol and zero worries (apart from the cats getting out the front door!) were a thing of the past, so we decided to get to planning one ‘last hurrah!’.

Being a wedding planner, I guess I wanted to bring something different to the typical baby shower experience. As much as I was excited to spend time playing games with my best girls and coo over itsy baby clothes, Dan was as much of a part of this baby as I was, so I only thought it fair that he got to enjoy the celebrations too!

After a few discussions, we decided to combine my baby shower with something we could both enjoy and opted for a Gender Reveal Party to find out if Baby Clarke was to be a boy or a girl!

After announcing the plan to friends, I’m not going to lie, there was a lot of confusion. Mainly around why Dan and I would be faking a reaction to announce to our friends the gender of our baby. But, after explaining it a little further, it soon became knowledge that we too, wouldn’t even know the gender, and the reveal would be a shock for us as well as all our guests at the same time in one pop of a balloon! I guess the intrigue was too much to take and, before long, Dan and I had the biggest guest list our little 3-bed Victorian house has seen!

After trailing the internet, I soon discovered a lack of ‘classy’ gender reveal decorations so, after taking inspiration from Pinterest (mostly American images) I got to work at designing the theme. I love a muted tone so opted for pale pink and baby blue décor and was so lucky to stumble across J & Y on Etsy who had an invite that perfectly matched my ideal theme. After contacting J& Y directly, she also created a matching ‘Guess the due date’ Calender which I had guests mark their guesses on the day with a baby footprint ink stamp!

To add a bit of competition on the day, we got guests to decide if they were ‘Team Boy’ or ‘Team Girl’ and using Hobbycraft ribbon I pre-made 40 mini blue and 40 mini pink ribbons for guests to wear their guess on their chest!

I’ve always loved my Prosecco so it was obvious to include this at some point in the day. I took a spin on the ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ themed set up we had at our wedding and created a ‘Mum-osa Bar’ instead with juices, mixers, fruit and themed straws!

Every baby shower needs cake and my pregnancy craving was anything sweet; particularly cake and sweets so I created a ‘Cravings Station’ (excuse the pun!) for guests to enjoy.

This was the main focal point for the décor and I was so lucky to be able to lean on great wedding industry friends to borrow beautiful props for the occasion. Gem Celebrations leant me the white curtain and I spent about 2 hours (I’m not a stylist or florist remember!) the night before creating a foliage garland to create a wow factor for the cravings station backdrop. At 33 weeks pregnant, I’m not going to lie… it was an arduous task but the result was amazing and just what I needed to bring the table to life!

Cupcakes by Whipped Cakes (Cheylene gifted these for the day!)

After adding glass Apothecary style sweet jars and gorgeous blooms from M&S, the table was ready for the star of the show… my cake!

Cake & Co worked with the inspiration image I sent them perfectly and created my dream gender reveal party drip cake. In pale pink and baby blue with macarons and meringues to finish, it really was something special.

Maison des Macarons created mini meringues and macarons in the perfect shades of pale pink and baby blue and I even dipped strawberries and pretzels in chocolate to add to the offerings!  

Gender Reveal Cake by Cake & Co

The Guess the Due Date, Mum-osa Bar, the Cravings Station and the Team Pink and Team Blue signage all came from Nochta Boutique which I also found on Etsy when searching for pale pink and pale blue themed items!

Gosh, reading that all back makes me realise what a huge task I took on preparing for the party! I wish I’d hired a party planner! HA!

Anyway… it was then onto the main event!

Dan and I decided we wanted to pop a giant balloon so after going for a private scan and having the word ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ written in a card, we asked Dan’s sister to inform the balloon company, Bubblegum Balloons, the colour of the confetti. The call was made, the balloon was stuffed and posted for us to blow up on the day! I honestly can say I wore a blindfold while I blew the balloon up and was just terrified of over pumping and guests arriving to see a sea of coloured confetti over the grass before the party had even began! Luckily, everything went without a hitch and we set the balloon up against the gorgeous fake hydrangea wall that Summer Lily Studio leant me for the day.

With burgers from Franks, Dan and his brother manned the BBQ for the day and guests enjoyed the copious amounts of salad I prepared. After an hour of enjoying the amazing day with friends, it was time for the reveal. And what a moment it was. So amazing… I’ll just let you watch the video!!

After the reveal, the girls heading inside for a baby shower with games hosted by my wonderful besties and the boys stayed outside for a Whiskey and Cigar Bar!

I can honestly say, it was the last hurrah we needed and the perfect way to find out my bump was a gorgeous little boy!

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