On Your First Birthday

A child's excitement is captivating and enthralling

Author: Gemma

To my darling Devon on your first birthday!

Wow what a year we have had! From tears to laughter I have watched you grow from a tiny baby to a little girl.

You have already developed such a personality that amazes me everyday. You have a smile that lights up a room and twinkling eyes to match. Never let anyone dampen that spark, the genuine warmth you express will carry you through life.

All the emotions as my little Devon turns 1.
Photo by Ferri Photography

Your growing independence is both exhilarating and heart breaking. The more confident you become, the less I feel needed. I will never forget the silent tear I shed on your first nursery visit when I watched you crawl away from me. I was so proud of your bravery but so heart broken at how quickly the time had past.

Your excitement for the world is captivating. I have seen the world differently through your eyes, the finding joy in the simple pleasures, the warmth of a simple hug and the fun to be had just the three of us.

Don’t be in a rush to grow up little one, don’t let your naivety be tainted. The world is a big and beautiful place and you will see it in time, it is yours to discover and explore. I hope we can show you the best example of how to live a caring life, full of respect and love. For to long our generation and the ones before us have taken advantage of the planet we live on, I really hope yours is the one to turn it around.

finding such joy in the simple pleasures when you see the world through the eyes of a baby.
Image from Ferri Photography

I’m sorry if I sometimes seem distracted and a slave to my phone. I do it because in time my hard work will pay off. I want to always be there for you when you need me, not begging a boss for a days holiday when you are unwell or appearing in a school play. I want to lead by example and show you the importance of hard work and perseverance, to follow your dreams and not settle just for an easy life.

Nursery say you’re a watcher, tentative, not keen to get stuck in. There is nothing wrong with that, continue to observe and absorb you will learn a lot that way. To many people act without thinking and live to regret their actions. Einstein was an introvert and a thinker. The world needs more thinkers.

For now please continue to give me those great big cuddles, sit on my lap and let me stroke that soft baby hair. For all to soon this will be embarrassing. In return I will continue to absorb every second with you, to live in the moment when possible, I will never stop reminding myself how lucky I am.

Photos from: Ferri Photography

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