Author: Claire

Pregnancy really is a beautiful miracle that usually only occurs a handful of times in your lifetime, and for some women, it can be a rarity so it’s no wonder that capturing this moment in your life is becoming increasingly popular with a maternity photoshoot.

Nothing is more impressive than the endurance and willpower of a pregnant woman and I honestly believe it’s a time of your life that should be documented so you are able to look back on it with appreciation.

Feeling insecure during pregnancy is a common occurrence and this combined with hormonal changes and a fluctuation in moods can be a testing time for women mentally as well as physically. But please, stop that naughty little voice in your head as no matter how tired, nauseous, sore and aching you feel, if you can push those feelings aside for just an hour, a maternity shoot can do wonders to lift spirits and help remind you how beautiful you really are!

A pregnancy belly is something that should be embraced and even if you don’t feel comfortable bearing all, showing your new shape under a beautifully fitted dress can be a great way to still make the memories of that time. Besides, that new pregnancy glow you have needs showing off and once you get started and the camera flashes away, you’ll be surprised how empowered you suddenly feel and how that bump can suddenly appear in its full glory!

Another way to make the shoot less daunting is to include other family members. Having your partner involved is a great way to bond with them and a way for them to bond with the new addition to your family.

Since your partner doesn’t get to feel the sensation of carrying a baby, having them alongside you in your shoot builds a wonderful affinity between them and your baby especially when you are both able to look back at those images in the future. In the same way, involving other family members such as other siblings (or even the family pet!) will be a lovely bonding moment for everyone.  

Summer Lily Photography

Make sure you choose a photographer that suits your personality and style, research some ideas and themes you like and have fun choosing your outfits! I used the shoot as a reason for a final pamper too with Belle’s Beauty doing my hair and make-up so I felt better than I had since my wedding day!

And my final piece of advice… HAVE FUN!

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