The Artisan Baby Co Fair

Author: Gemma

Over the next few weeks we are going to be talking a lot about our first ever Artisan Baby Co Fair, to be held at Delapre Abbey on the 28th July 2019. But why should you come along and what makes us different to the other baby and tot fairs out there?

We want to break the mould of traditional baby shows, we want to offer a relaxing day out for expecting parents, new parents, babies and toddlers. All our exhibitors are hand picked for their nourishing ethos and uniqueness, there won’t be any doubling up, we have purposefully only selected one of each. We want visitors to leave feeling energised and inspired, wanting to come back time and time again!

To truly answer the why and who, we need to start right back at the very beginning of how The Artisan Baby Co started. Claire and I have worked together in the wedding industry for a long time, we perfectly balance each other out, me with a creative eye and Claire with her organisational skills and can do attitude. We both love weddings but they aren’t necessarily the easiest industry to work in with a growing family. For a long time we have been bashing our heads together trying to think of ways we could create a business together away from weddings. During a phone call one morning when both babes were sleeping, we were talking about Etsy sellers and I mentioned I like to feel first hand a product before I buy it. And VOILA! the Artisan Baby Co Fair was born!

Delapre Abbey Hosts Our First Ever Baby and Toddler Fair
The Beautiful Delapre Abbey Plays Host To Our First Ever Artisan Baby Co Fair

So that’s the how it was created and here’s the why you should come… like I said above, I like to feel a product before I part with my hard earned cash and I know I am not alone. I would gladly support small independent sellers over bigger high street brands as I love the uniqueness of them. However I am always a little bit worried I will receive an item and will be disappointed and then have the stress of paying for and sometimes arguing a return. With The Artisan Baby Co Fair you can meet the faces behind the brands, you can see and feel first hand the quality of their products, you can buy directly at the fair or go away and purchase later knowing and trusting the seller you are buying from. It isn’t just about buying there and then it is about building relationships and finding new go to brands you will feel safe returning to time and time again.

But wait, we don’t just have retailers, we have support services to. Those services that you never knew existed, the ones your antenatal class doesn’t tell you about because they want you to use their teams. From sleep experts to breast feeding guides, they are all super friendly and will happily talk to you and answer your questions, they will also be appearing in the time table of talks we have on offer throughout the day. For more information about the talks on offer click here.

There are so many pregnancy classes and baby classes around it can be hard to pick the best ones for you, so we have gathered some of the finest, healthiest and most enriching businesses in Northampton to come along and offer a free taster. I once walked into a baby group with Devon and instantly hated it, I wanted to turn around and walk back out, it was a complete waste of the money I had spent, so don’t risk throwing that precious maternity pay away to the unknown, come along and try one of the tasters and know you are signing up to a class you will love and enjoy. Pregnancy Yoga and Baby Massage tickets will need to be booked in advance, to find out more follow this link.

The full timetable of live talks and tasters is still to be announced so ensure you follow our Facebook Event page or keep checking back here for full updates.

So I have mentioned retailers, support services and class tasters but there is still more… Two-D Creative Studio are our show sponsors and they will be hosting a pop up studio and running a ‘Face of The Show Competition.’ We will have a pottery pop up where you can have casts made of your little ones hands and feet and there will be many more surprises still to be announced.

We have partnered up with Baby Basics Northampton to offer a newborn amnesty on the day. Bring along unused mother and baby toiletries and new / nearly new clothing, bedding and blankets. These will collected and given a new home with a local family in need.

One of the strong messages we want to promote with the The Artisan Baby Co is that of nourishment, we aren’t about the hard sell. We want families to come along and make a day out of the event, not just rush off after visiting the stands, so we are creating a boho picnic area with the help of The Eclectic Collection , soak up the atmosphere grab a drink or something to eat from one of the tasty food vendors in our food court and relax. In life we spend so much time rushing around, this is the perfect day to take life a little slower. Try out a relaxing taster, browse some of the gorgeous products our retailers are selling, listen to an informative talk. Then grab a juice and a slice of pizza and relax under the trees before exploring the beautiful grounds of Delapre Abbey. I also nearly forgot to add that the house will also be open for you to have a look round for a small additional fee.

Northampton Baby Fair At Delapre Abbey
Wander the beautiful grounds of Delapre Abbey

If I haven’t given you enough reasons to visit here’s one more, you can say you were there at the beginning. This is our first ever fair and we have more planned, every business has to start somewhere, so come along and see what we have to offer and what makes us different from the other baby shows around. With exhibitors and supporters still to be announced keep checking back on the Event page for more info and head to the Ticket Site to buy yours.

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