The Fair – Living the Dream

Author: Gemma

I’ve entitled this post living the dream or it could be nightmare! Either one is fitting depending on what hour of the day it is and what has happened in the past 30 seconds!

Not many people talk about the realities of what goes into the build up to a fair they simply gloss over the fact that it is brilliant and all coming together swimmingly without the risk of wanting to discourage visitors or stall holders.

Retailers at The Artisan Baby Co Fair Northampton
Gorgeous Retailers

These past few weeks I have been repeating to myself over and over again …’the path to success does not run smooth’ and ‘if it was easy everyone would do it’ and oh my it hasn’t been easy. I won’t reveal names but we have last minute drop outs, verbal arrangements fall through and 20 million questions to be answered. I am not complaining this is entirely what we signed up for when we launched the show and we never expected an easy ride. But there is nothing worse than opening an email with bad news, the sinking feeling, the rise of panic and the realisation that you have only a few days to pull it all together.

Claire and I both have experience creating events, working to deadlines and generally getting mucky getting shit done. We are both quite well established in the wedding industry so a launch into the world of babies is a new terrain to us. We have had to build new relationships, prove ourselves to new businesses and fight hard for every ticket sale and booking we have. We are so appreciative of the support we have received and the trusting of vendors and visitors of putting their hard earned cash in our hands. Even the biggest events had to start somewhere, this is our somewhere so we can only get bigger and better!

Services at The Artisan Baby Co Fair
The Best Local Services

We are both mentally approaching the fair in different ways, Claire is in an excited bubble of adrenaline and I am in a bubble of excited terror, constantly checking the weather and writing list upon list. I’ve written this post on Wednesday and I don’t expect to get much sleep between now and Sunday with the amount of thoughts spinning round my head.

These past few months have been a crazy adventure and we have loved nearly every minute, it has seen us up until 3am answering emails, running round flyering to anyone who will take a leaflet and featuring on local radio. We have collated the most amazing mix of retailers and services that we are so excited to share with you. We want the fair to hurry up and come so we can reveal all our hard work but at the same time can it be weeks away as there is still so much to do!

Food Offering at The Artisan Baby Co Fair Northampton
Our Amazing Food Offering

Even with a couple of days to go I am immensely proud of all we have achieved. We have filled our stalls allocation, we have a day full of amazing tasters and talks and we have exceeded our pre-ticket sale target. (Pre-Sale tickets are still available, click here)

So if you were wondering what to do on Sunday come along to Delapre Abbey, come and see what happens when 2 girls put their mind to something. Come and enjoy Delapres beautiful grounds, relax in the picnic area, meet and fall in love with a new retailer, enjoy a cool homemade lemonade, laugh as your little one goes mad in the baby rave and spend a day relaxing, making memories.

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