Product Review Meabee Design

Author: Gemma

We are delighted to have Meabee Design as one of our Artisan Friends so when they offered me the opportunity to road test their new range of bedding I jumped at the chance.

I have never been particularly girly so their modern Scandinavian design is perfectly suited to my tastes. Little D’s nursery is very neutral in colour and inspired by a sense of adventure, this stunning hot air balloon print sits perfectly amongst her animal prints, positive quotes and elephant figurines. I imagine her laying and dreaming sweetly of floating high above the African Plains as part of the adventure we will hopefully one day take.

Beautifully packaged baby products
I love the packaging!

The first opinion of a product comes from its packaging and Meabee Design did not diappoint, simple, classic and no plastic over kill. No one could ever call me a domestic Goddess, practical and ease are the rules for products in our house so I loved the elasticated sheet design. Super quick to pop onto the cot mattress and fits perfectly, no excess fabric and it sits snugly round the mattress.

My Little D is a wriggler, she never stays still in her sleep. I love the fact that the sheet barely even crinkles with all her night time adventures and still looks as crisp after a few nights as it did when it was first put on.

Hot air balloon cot sheet review
Little D loves the hot air balloon design

Anyone with a toddler will know just how important easy washing products are, there always seems to be a cold, a runny nose and dribble everywhere, the washing machine is constantly on. The sheet washed well at 30 degrees, maintains its softness and colour, a quick dry on the washing line and its back on the cot mattress again.

Hot air balloon cot sheet
The sheet fits on the cot mattress perfectly

I loved the cute print design, the neutral colours and its unisex feel. As a massive plus I think Devon loves it to. She quite contentedly sits and chats away when waking in the morning. Thanks Meabee Design for your wonderful gift I can’t recommend your beautiful products enough.

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