I Love My Job!

Precious mum and daughter time

Author: Gemma

You often hear of the constant juggle of having a mumbiz and being a mumpreuner. Of how there is no switching off, lots of guilt and never a time to sit down. Don’t get me wrong this is my life, it is very hard, but I want to shout from the roof tops I love my job!

As well as running the Artisan Baby Co with Claire I run The White Emporium a Venue Styling Company, in May it became my main source of income. It was a very scary and bold decision I made when I decided not to look for another part time job, I had spent 4.5 years up to that point building up my little business and now was the time to make the full jump into it being my main income.

Looking back now 5 months later I couldn’t be happier and prouder of myself for making it work. In our busy and hectic lives it can become all to easy to loose sight of the reason we run our own businesses. Why we sacrifice pension contributions and holiday pay, have to deal with dull grown up tax issues ourselves and loose the safety of a 9-5. Well the last few months have shown me why and the fundamental draw for me is flexibility!

One of the huge benefits of being self employed is the flexability
Phot Credit Nikkis Moments

I am my own boss and in most aspects I control my working day. Yesterday after working 2 weeks straight I took a day off! I was exhausted and needed to step away from everything work, I didn’t have to ask permission or worry I was messing anyone elses working schedule up, I just decided at the weekend that I wasn’t going to do any work on a Monday and would go shopping instead. As I sat having a leisurely lunch on a Monday with my mum and Devon, I felt this huge sense of achievement, this is what I had always wanted!

When Devon was poorly over the summer with back to back ear and throat infections again I could pause my working week and take time off to spend with her. When she needed cuddles I was there, on our numerous doctor appointments I could be there. I didn’t have to phone anyone with that sick feeling in my stomach that I was being judged, that I would have to make hours up at my expense or risk loosing pay. Yes my workload backed up but the flexibility of being your own boss means I can work in the evenings to make up that time but best of all its on my terms.

Unless I have a meeting to go to we can lay in bed longer and have a lazy morning, if I am missing her I can pick her up early. Flexibility is the key and that’s why I work so hard, so I can always be there for her. I strongly feel that if more businesses took a more flexible approach to a parents working week, employees mentality and productivity would massively improve.

Loving self employed life
Photo Credit Nikkis Moments

Yes there are downsides and I have already been faced with having to sort emergency childcare when there was an event I had to attend and both Devon and my husband were unwell. Driving away and leaving them both poorly behind was the hardest part of being a mum boss but times such as that are rare.

The juggle is real, the house is constantly untidy and there are lots of sacrifices I have made especially when it comes to pay, (sometimes I barely make minimum wage for the hours I put in). But the rewards are huge! Most of the time I feel I have the best of both worlds being able to be around for my daughter whilst still maintaining a career and being ambitious. Times aren’t always great but when they are it’s important to note them and to be proud and say… I love my job!

Photo Credits: Nikkis Moments

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