Author: Claire

I’ve spoken about the difficulties of juggling being a good mum and wife alongside a full-time job but I haven’t touched on the difficulties of being a good friend. That seems like such a random statement but my friends are my family and right now, it feels like I’m failing them.

I miss them.

Yes, we message but it feels like I haven’t seen them in ages. Those days of staying up late on the sofa with a bottle of wine or heading to the wine bars to laugh the night away are long gone.

I forever feel guilty that I can’t reply to messages as fast as I used to (and sometimes not at all) and I feel even worse to admit that’s just due to not having enough time.

I hope I’ll be back. I hope the juggling act will ease up and I’ll be back to the fun-loving friend I used to be.

Right now, my gorgeous little boy takes most of my energy. My work takes what’s left and my husband misses out most of the time. God knows why he’s still around! Ha! There must be a secret equation that I’m missing? A way to balance it all.

Some days I feel like Superwomen. I manage to catch up on all my messages, I have a day that I smash my targets at work, my son has a full hour following nursery/ before bed without a tantrum and I only pick up the laptop for half my evening so my husband finally gets a look in. But on those days, the Superwomen cape quickly disappears as the ‘resting’ catches up and I fall asleep on the sofa half an hour into a glass of wine and hubby time!

I miss you girls. And I’m sorry I’ve vanished.

I am honestly starting to see the end in sight though. I’m starting to see a time when I won’t be spread so thin. A time I can make some changes to the priorities. I can’t wait for that day to come. The day I can catch up and spend time listening to all the exciting things you have been up to.

In the meantime, thank you. Thank you for waiting for me.

I love you lots.

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