Zippy Up A Review

Author: Gemma

We jumped at the chance when our Artisan Friend Zippy Up offered to send us a couple of sleep suits to road test. Long tired of fiddley poppers I had been curious to try their 1 zip design.

I love their contemporary designs and how their range is mostly unisex. I’m not one to love overly pink colours so neutrals and plain fabrics are perfect for my tastes.

My little toddler working her model look whilst wearing her Zippy Up sleepsuit.
Little D working her model pout

Now my daughter is a natural fidget she can’t keep still, especially in her sleep, she often ends up starting at the bottom of the cot and finishing the night upside down at the top of the cot. Being slightly small for her age it is not uncommon for her legs and arms to disappear within her sleepsuit. When up and mobile it’s even worse her little legs disappear within the fabric and she ends up dragging around a baby grow that has its legs hugely stretched. However not with a Zippy Up, this sleepsuit fits Devon perfectly and even spending time running around the legs don’t stretch past her feet. I was really impressed by the shaping and fit.

I also love the quality of the grey marl cotton, it’s soft, of a good thickness and holds its structure well. Devon is definitely very comfy and content wearing it at night. The zip design makes the product so functional and easy to use, instead of fumbling around trying to locate poppers whilst Devon gets irate waiting for her milk, it’s a quick pull on a zip and we are ready to go. I imagine this would be a godsend in the middle of the night changing nappies when everyone is half asleep.

Little D road tests the Zippy Up sleep suit and its a great fit.
She never sits still.

Now I come from a design background, I spent many years working as a childrenswear designer to some key High Street brands. Naturally I look for areas I think need improving. The zip although super functional and an amazing idea could do with being a better quality, it sits a little close to the neck and I would like to see a fabric cover over the top of the zip head. This however does not stop me continuing to use the sleep suit, I would just be cautious if using on small babies.

Despite the zip quality this is a great product and perfect for saving precious time, especially when every second counts pre bedtime milk or in the middle of the night when eyes are barely open.

Thanks Zippy Up for sharing your Sleep Suits with us.

Head over to the Website to find out more about the brand and shop their range.

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