Fresh Air

Getting out and exploring with a baby

Author: Gemma

Recently on writing a post for a local magazine and being on maternity leave I felt overwhelmed with how much I love being outside and the power of a good walk. I wanted to write their and then about how just getting outside and breathing can sometimes lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.

Personally I feel if I am cooped up inside all day I become claustrophobic, I could have the most productive day but if I haven’t left the house my productivity can be over looked and I feel I have achieved nothing.

With a young baby and even a toddler getting out the house can feel like a mission but one that I have always felt comes with a reward. There is something very uplifting about having a bit of peace and quiet and fresh air in your lungs.

A toddler walks among fallen leaves with excitement on his face.
Toddlers love exploring and this time of year everything is all the more exciting. Image from Michael Podger on Unsplash

As your baby turns into a toddler getting outside evolves, when they are small its a great opportunity to exercise, escape into a podcast and let a baby sleep. As Devon has become older I love watching as she explores the world around her, how a fallen leaf can hold her attention and the sheer joy on her face of spotting ducks on the river.

With so many classes, soft play centres and activities to partake in it can be all to easy to over look the humble walk, but it’s free (unless you stop for cake) definitely counts as exercise and can be mentally stimulating both for yourself and baby.

So next time you need to escape the house don’t forget about the simple walk, get out and explore the world around you!

Here are some of our top buggy friendly spots in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.


Harrold Country Park , Priory Country park and Marston Forest Centre

Northamptonshire –

Abington Park, Sywell Country Park, Irchester Country Park

Milton Keynes –

Willen Lake

Image from Michael Podger on Unsplash

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