My Girl

A lady and child embrace - poem about being a toddler

Author: Anon

My girl, I watch in amazement as you change from a baby to a toddler –

This little girl before me breaks my heart everyday,

Where has this time gone? Why does it run away?

We have entered a period when we are both so tired,

life is to exciting you seem so wired,

I long for sleep and a slower time,

I miss those baby cuddles, days when you were solely mine.

5am is ok for you,

You are so bright you are so brand new.

But I am juggling, spinning lots of plates,

Work, a house, fun activities, as we rush out the door I hope we’re not late.

The tantrums are new, they are quick and fast,

I know it is just you learning but I pray they won’t last.

Parenting a toddler is my greatest challenge, its hard not to feel alone,

I watch you and wander, am I doing it right, I’m so tired, but I don’t want to moan.

You empty the draws, refuse to eat and draw on the walls.

You don’t sit still, you run away from me and fall on the floor when I refuse to answer your screeching call.

I watch and I take it all in, I sit and I think a while,

Before turning to tackle another washing pile.

Being a mum is so hard, I want to get it right,

As you have suddenly become so scared of the dark at night.

For you my girl amaze me in so many ways,

When we are apart I miss you more than I could ever say,

Sometimes I long for some time just to be me,

but then I have it and I wandered why I wanted to be free.

You have a smile that will break a thousand hearts,

you are so loving and you are becoming so smart.

I know I will miss the way you put all your animals in a line,

or the way you run to me, reminding me you are mine.

You are brave and you are bold.

I look and wander how is it possible you are so old?

When we cuddle, I breath you all in,

For some days my heart aches and I have this longing ache from within.

I am watching you grow, watching you change, watching you face every day,

I pray I can teach you to be kind, to love, to stay out of harms way.

The world is so scary and I am afraid,

Wondering what life holds for this girl I have made.

But for now lets just enjoy being so care free,

I will try not to stress, I will try to just be me.

A young girls runs boldly along a road.
My Girl – Photo by Caroline Hernandez Via Unsplash

Photos by Caroline Hernandez Via Unsplash

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