How To Make Successful New Years Resolutions

Sparklers for a New Years Resolution

Author: Gemma

It is said that you will have more luck sticking to a diet or trying to introduce a new habit or hobby if you start at the beginning on a Monday. So with New Year falling slap bang in the middle of the week most people will be kicking off their New Years Resolutions today Monday the 6th of January and with it also being the official end of Christmas there is no better day to start on.

There is always a lot of pressure to ring the New Year in with a big change and this year with it being the start of a new decade Social Media is rife with the need to change. So I am going to say it here…. YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE, YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!

But if you are like me and love a little focus and challenge than a New Years resolution could be what you need. However make sure you are doing it for yourself and no one else!

When the clock strikes 12 the New Years resolutions come in, we make bold statements with the weight we are going to loose that gym we are going to join and the master craftsman we are going to become. We have big ambitions that often fall flat as we loose interest and motivation and those promises we made to ourselves seem a distant dream. Which can leave us feeling dejected and blue. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips with how to make resolutions you can and want to stick to…

  • Make the goal specific, don’t be vague. For example don’t say ‘do more exercise’. What exercise do you want to do and how and when will you do it.
  • Be accountable – tell everyone and anyone who will listen, the more people who ask and enquire about your progress the more determined you will be to stick with it. Or write it down, we are much more likely to be strict on ourselves if we have written evidence.
  • Chose only 1 resolution, you don’t need to completely change your life, think of them as small improvements that will ultimately make your life better.
  • Have compassion, we all have slip ups, after all we are human. If you have a setback don’t feel disheartened and beat yourself up.
  • Document your journey so you can see the progress you have made. Every step towards your goal no matter how small is a step in the right direction.
  • Pick a start date, It doesn’t have to start on the 1st January, when the house is still full of temptations, the kids are off school and we are still in the post-Christmas haze. Find a time in the year that you can’t fill with excuses and reasons to put off starting and go for it.
  • Think outside of the box, a resolution doesn’t have to focus around kicking a habit, loosing weight or joining a gym. It could be a kind gesture you make to someone everyday, reading your child a story every night, spending an hour to yourself everyday, committing to a savings plan or deciding to shop local, (click here to see Our Artisan Friends).

Most importantly plan for success, don’t start with the idea that you will ultimately fail. Keep looking up and moving forward and remain committed. Good luck!

Photo Credit: Unsplash & Danil Aksenov

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