With years of experience in the crazy world of weddings and events we are taking everything we love from one industry and applying it to this mental ever changing world we now find ourselves in… parenting!

THE ARTISAN BABY CO. BLOG will be a platform for positive, uplifting stories for all family models. A space to escape and feel motivated during those lonely 3am feeds, for expecting parents, for those trying to conceive, for those living the parenting journey and for all those in-between. With emotional posts, parenting hacks, tips for pregnancy and guest posts, we will be making the blog an inclusive and welcoming space.

THE ARTISAN BABY CO. FAIR is a range of shows in hidden gem locations full of support and those unique hard to find retailers.

With a focus on nourishment and enrichment, our shows are created to promote smaller independent retailers to provide a day full of unexpected finds. Held in locations full of ambience and relaxing vibes, stop and enjoy an Artisan coffee or smoothie whilst soaking up the atmosphere. The shows location aims to open eyes and doors to help promote the local community and the services on offer for parents. Support and education for parents and expecting parents is at the heart of what we do, so stop and chat with one of the many groups exhibiting with us.

THE ARTISAN BABY CO. ARTISAN FRIENDS is a directory full of the suppliers we love with products and services you will love!

We understand that being a small business can make it hard to have your products seen and the importance of a good collaboration with a company that understands your brand. To help recognise people just like this, we’ve created a page on The Artisan Baby Co. Website which is dedicated to our Artisan Friends allowing us to shout out about anyone we think is… well… worth shouting about!