Ewa’s journey with sewing started a very long time ago, when she was just a little girl. Her beloved Grandmother taught her how to sew believing that one day her ability to sew would come handy. In her words “If one day you will find yourself without a job, maybe in time of war, this skill will help you survive”. Well, we’re very lucky to be living in time where there is no war. But Ewa’s Grandmother couldn’t me more right. Many years later, when her first child was born, Ewa found herself in the situation where she had to make a decision. Leave her baby with a childminder and return to the international retail company where she worked as a manager. Or, leave the company and start something that would let her enjoy being with her son as well as will pay the bills.

In 2013 Ewa’s first shop was born creating contemporary textile decorations for home. But this didn’t feel right and was missing something. In March 2015 she re-branded and Mea Bee Design came to life. A shop fully dedicated to babies and little older kids where parents can find help in creating perfect rooms for their little ones.

Ewa offers bespoke design pieces of bedding, blankets, curtains, storage baskets and more. Each piece is created with full communication with her customer and pieces can be customised in size, colour and pattern; just the way you want. The fabrics are carefully selected and imported from different parts of Europe to guarantee you the highest quality and each piece is handmade in her studio. Ewa puts her heart and soul into her creations and promises you the highest precision.





Amy is a wife and mummy who has a background in art, design, and typography, which she combines with her love of beautiful home decor, keepsakes and trinkets to create handmade personalised pieces and unique gifts that will bring joy to you, your family and friends. 

Amy has a real passion for what she does and a dedication to detail, which is reflected in each item she produces.

After initially creating a few nursery decor items for her own daughter and close friends, and after gaining the confidence and motivation to begin her own online shop, she opened Willow Attic.

All items are one of a kind and can be modified to suit your themes, colour schemes or preferences to ensure you receive something truly special and completely unique.