Amanda was a first time mum on maternity leave and when her baby approached the 6 month mark and developed teeth she started looking into ways to help relieve her pain.

She discovered teething jewellery which sounded perfect on multiple levels. Something safe for baby to chew on, something for her – finally being able to wear jewellery again after countless necklaces being ripped from her neck (we’ve all been there right?!) and something for her baby to play with when breastfeeding and being in the sling to save her hair being pulled and skin being scratched/pinched!

As Amanda looked into jewellery on the market, they didn’t quite seem to suit her taste. After finding some DIY kits on Etsy she suddenly had the idea, and tools for a business.

Amanda’s friends loved her jewellery style and asked her to make items for them meaning she branched out to teethers and other accessories. Amanda made the decision not to return to full time employment and is concentrating on growing her business whilst raising her young family.