Dan has worked with families for nearly a decade.
Whatever age we are and wherever we come from, every single one of us has a story to tell, and we share it with those closest to us.

Dan is all about capturing the moments; laughing, playing, smiling and chasing. Every moment is captured to help you remember it forever through modern portraiture. You’ll all never be the same again as you are at this very moment and since a picture tells a thousand words, Dan offers families the chance to write their family history through photography!

With a purpose built studio in rural Bedfordshire his location offers a fun and relaxed studio setting for those wishing to capture moments, for those wanting to capture the newest members of their families and start writing their own history!





Daniella & Steph are both mummies and love being creative.

They first met around 9 years ago. Steph got married in 2015 and made her own wedding stationery, from then on work colleagues asked if Daniella & Steph could make theirs as well. Soon enough they set up a Facebook page and realised they had an opportunity to turn their hobby into a business. 2 years ago they decided to pursue building a business with together.

The business has developed a great deal and since having children of their own they now cater for all events such as baby showers and birthdays & also create home decor as well.

All of their items are Bespoke and handmade with love.




Twin sisters Kimberley and Lauren are the owners of Gemini Gifts, which is a beautiful online gift store. Opening Gemini Gifts is something Kimberley and Lauren wanted to do for a very long time and now, after being open for over a year, they feel very lucky to be able to work together.

With four children between them; Teilo, Jaxon, Ellis and Ada, they are busy being mums and are both still working their main jobs too as well as running Gemini Gifts! These two are super mums and are looking forward to the future of Gemini Gifts!

With family being extremely important to the ladies, their children are involved as much as they can be when it comes to important company decisions. For them, having their children test the products before stocking them ensures they only add the right items to their range; items that other families will love just as much! Their little ones have recently even helped with creating a dinosaur range of prints and t-shirts as well as their mummy and little ones t-shirts.  

Gemini Gifts sell the most beautiful range of items for your family. There is a mix of products from various stores, products they have created and the majority are from several independent smaller businesses who all share the same passion to sell high quality products.

Gemini Gifts are passionate to keep sourcing products that are handmade whilst supporting other smaller UK businesses. With this in mind, they stock an organic skincare range for babies and adults; hand designed greeting cards for various occasions and handmade wooden items such as nursery plaques, baubles and banners, all of which are sourced locally! They also sell a range of clothing for children and parents which are handmade locally from organic jersey fabrics.

As well as their locally sourced products, they also sell various stationery products, have a range of soft cuddly toys for children and babies, a wide range of children’s backpacks, lunch bags and lunch boxes. They haven’t forgotten about the mums either as they have a small collection of jewellery handmade in London for you too!

Also among their range are umbrellas, wooden toys, bows handmade by Kimberley and Lauren (we’re honestly not sure where they find time to make items too!), pom pom wreaths, animal prints, nursery toys, key rings, hand knitted items, baby bibs, picture frames, doorstops and more!

Honestly, there is just too much to list- you NEED to take a look at their online shop!